Sunday, 29 December 2013

Material Selection - An Important Aspect of Vehicle Engineering

Material selection is one of the most crucial aspects of vehicle engineering. Earlier the choice was restricted to a select few materials. However, manufacturers are breaking the mold and are open to experimenting with new materials to optimize designs for light weight, low cost, higher endurance and better form.
A recent survey elaborated several pivotal factors that are considered by engineers before selecting a material for automotive design and engineering.

Selecting the right material for automobile body engineering and designing every other part of an automobile is important, but not so easy. It takes a lot of efforts; an array of material analysis is done before a material is selected.

CFD analysis and FEA, are two such computational methods that can be effectively used to analyze materials. These two tools equip engineers to innovate and experiment.

Hi-Tech has infrastructural facilities and a team of experts offering expert material analysis services for automobiles. We provide detailed analysis reports and help clients select the best material for automobile design.

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